Ways to Give to TEF

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Education costs money, but then so does ignorance

~Claus Moser

Why Give to TEF

There are so many great non-profit organizations within Turlock that it's hard to choose where to donate your hard earned money. You want to ensure your donation is effectively utilized, provides a positive impact on society, and does long term good in our community. Our suggestion; follow your passion.

Our passion is primary public education because we believe many of society’s difficulties can be resolved with a quality K-12 educational experience.

  • We believe children who have a positive experience in school and graduate with their peers are less likely to abuse drugs, less likely to become homeless, more likely to find gainful employment, and more likely to make a positive contribution to society.
  • We believe that, by Enhancing and Enriching the Educational Experience children will be more engaged in school, more successful in school, and more likely to graduate high school and become successful citizens in our great community.
  • We believe supporting children when they are young has the most positive long-term impact on our community.

Some things to consider:

  • TEF is the only organization that has the interest in all 15,000+ students at TUSD.
  • TEF works closely with TUSD teacher, staff, and administration to ensure the true needs within the district are identified and supported.
  • TEF donations are easy and effective. You want to donate to public education but what school, what booster, what parent club, what PTA? A donation to TEF is a donation to ALL TUSD students.
  • TEF is run by volunteers who care about public education. 100% of your donation goes toward supporting TUSD students.
  • TEF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donations (as well as your businesses) are tax deductible.
  • TEF donations make you feel good! Studies show that when individuals spend money on gifts for friends or charitable organizations, their happiness increases.

Gifting Options

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In Lieu of Gifts

Have enough ties and don't need another set of spoons? Let's start a trend of giving the gift that lasts a lifetime...education! If you prefer presence more than presents, why not ask that in lieu of gifts a donation is made to public education in Turlock?

Paeonia 'Honor'

Memorial and Honorarium Gifts

Honor someone special, a special occasion or the memory of a loved one or friend by making a donation to Turlock Education Foundation in their name. With your donation of $15.00 or more, Turlock Education Foundation will mail a beautiful art inspired note card notifying the recipient of your generosity. Your gift amount will not be disclosed.

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Planned Gifts

A planned gift is one which you make during your lifetime but which is not received by Turlock Education Foundation until a future date. Planned gifts include leaving a gift to Turlock Education Foundation in your Will or designating the Turlock Education Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Balance Scale

Matching Gifts

Many employers encourage employees to make charitable contributions by matching their gifts to worthy causes. The impact of corporate matching support can be significant; it can increase the impact of your philanthropic support to Turlock Education Foundation by doubling the size of your gift. Select "More info" for a list of matching corporations.


Promote Your Business

When you support Turlock Education Foundation, you're supporting over 14,000 students and 2000 employees within our community. We are very active in the community and have several programs and channels to inform the community that your business believes in our youth and supports public education.

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Just to Feel Good

"The interest of the common and the interest of the individual are very much linked. By taking care of others’ interests, you’re taking care of yourself."

-The Dalai Lama